In this section we have tried to answer your questions.

Installation Failed / python.exe not found / Network timeout error

This types of error occur only when your installation is not completed properly due to the Internet. If you are getting this types of error then we recommend doing the following steps to fix this :
1. Uninstall the existing installation
2. Make sure you're connected to a high-speed internet preferably wired
3. Re-Run the installation

Bash.exe missing

To remove this error make sure there is no whitespace in your DLS folder path.

Public dataset problem

By default DLS provide some public datasets. When you start DLS public datasets are getting downloaded.
If you are not getting all the the public datasets then we would suggest you to please delete the public dataset folder from this path : <DLS Folder>/user_data/data/public/datasets and restart the DLS.
While restarting DLS make sure you're connected to high-speed internet.

DLS Desktop, Azure , AWS / DLS Cloud

We would like to inform you that Deep Cognition has discontinue the Cloud version. Hence, GPU instances are not available. You can download and install the latest Deep Learning Studio 3.0 on your Desktop or you can use it on Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure as well.
Please refer the Desktop / Amazon EC2 / Microsoft azure docs link for detailed information.

Email Approved

If you are new to DLS and trying to register with DLS , if you are stuck with registration process then contact us on [email protected] we help to resolve your issue.

Memory resolution

Deep Learning studio sample project with sample dataset works fine with 12GB graphics memory.
We can't tell you the exact memory required as this totally depends on the image's resolution and model used. The bigger the image size the more memory is needed. If training is still going out of memory then try resizing the images to lower resolution and run the training again.

Internal server error / Training process getting exited abnormally

This typically happens when network can't fit in GPU/System memory. You can try reducing batch size and/or image resolution.

Installation firewall / Antivirus

1. Check if your firewall/Antivirus is preventing the DLS to serve on this particular port. 2. Reboot your system, start DLS

Job / Internship opportunity

Kindly mail your resume at [email protected]. We will get back to you if in case of any suitable opening position.

Delete Account

There are no such options in DLS software to delete the account. Although, if you request us to delete it, we can delete your account.