DLS Dashboard

In this section we can see an overview of Deep Learning Studio Dashboard
You always come with a Dashboard when you start DLS.
On the Dashboard page you'll find the overall appearance of your data, as well as some shortcut buttons for Projects, datasets, deployments, CVAT launches, video and community portals.
The dashboard displays the username in the top right corner. And the bottom left corner shows the DLS version you installed.
The Projects section shows the total project list with their types.
Each type is defined by a different color, just move cursor on the color and you will get the total number.
The Datasets section displays the total number of datasets you have uploaded with various dataset formats.
The Deployments section displays the deployment name, version, and the date and time it was performed. You can arrange the deployment details by clicking on the small arrow button near to Last_deployed.
Click on Launch CVAT button and create the Dataset with CVAT environment.
Two shortcut keys are available in the Learn more section :
  1. 1.
    How to videos :- This click will redirect you to some DLS's example video list page.
  2. 2.
    Community :-This click will redirect you to DLS community page.