Here in this section, you will see the detailed configuration and preview the data in the “DATA” tab.


Dataset preview and configurations can be done easily on your custom dataset or public dataset i.e. provided in DLS.
When you open the project, you will see the "Data" tab, in which the dataset is configured. By clicking on the drop-down button of the dataset you will see both public and private datasets.
  • By clicking on the drop-down button of "Dataset" you will see both public and private datasets. (Private dataset will only be visible if you have uploaded any).
  • When you select any dataset you can see the detailed information of selected public/private datasets.
  • You can able to view Total Records of data.
    • Out of the total records, you can split the data from the given option Train/Validation/Test Split. Various split ratio options are given there. And if you choose any one of them, then you will see the separation of data according to the selected split ratio.
  • Example: Train/Validation/Test Split: - 80%-10%-10% (Means 80% for training,10% for validation and 10% for testing)
  • You can Load Dataset in Memory, one batch at a time or full dataset at the same time.
  • You wanna shuffle your data? then yes you can, just clicking on the “Shuffle Data” option.
  • If you want to modify Input/Output port or Data Type or Columns of your data then you can change according to your priorities.

Normalizing Image Data :

  • If you have image data files, then modify your image file with different Image Options.
  • By just clicking on the Image column, you will see the image options Normalize and Resize the image. You can do this by clicking on the box.