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Here in this section, you will learn to create a “Model” without writing the code.


  • The simple drag & drop interface helps you design deep learning models with ease. Pre-trained models as well as use built-in assistive features simplify and accelerate the model development process. You can import the model code and edit the model with the visual interface.
  • You can create network models with different layers.
  • The "Advanced Layer" option gives you many advanced layers to build a neural network.
  • Select the “Layers” and drop down to the network stack area (canvas area).
  • Connect the layers according to your preferences.
You can also modify the default layer settings.
  • Click on the layer then, you will find the configuration slide in the right-hand corner and you can change the setting according to your model.
Important :If you want to delete a particular node, select the node and just click Delete.
  • In the "Model tab" you will get other options also :
Zoom Out :
  • You can adjust your model with the "Zoom Out" option.
Zoom Reset :
  • You can reset your model with the "Zoom Reset" option.
Zoom In :
  • You can adjust your model with the "Zoom In" option.
View Code :
  • You can see the "Model Code" that you created by simply clicking on the "View Code" icon.
Download Model :
  • If you want to save your model, click on the "Download Model" to save it.
Upload Model :
  • If you already have a ".yaml" file for your project, then you can upload your file to DLS with the "Upload Model" option and DLS will convert the file into the Suitable Model.
  • Click on Upload Model and choose your file.
  • DLS will upload that model.
  • You can also change the configuration according to your preferences. And train your model.
New model uploaded with ".yaml" file.
Restore Model :
  • You can restore your model with the previous runs in the “Restore Model” option.
AutoML :
  • With this option, you can create your model automatically just by choosing input and output type in a single click.
NOTE : When you are able to see the Green right click on the top right side corner, then your model is ready to train.
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