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Amazon Machine Images (AMI)

Launch Deep Learning Studio (DLS) on Amazon Machine Images (AMI)

An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is a master image for the creation of virtual servers (known as EC2 instances) in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. And DLS is a pre-configured offering on the AWS marketplace. Get DLS and launch it by following few steps.


  • You need an account on AWS if you don't have please Create one!.
Get Started
  • Go to AWS Marketplace official website
  • Search for Deep Learning Studio in the search bar
    • In search result the you will see Deep Learning Studio
  • Click Deep Learning Studio 3.0
    • It will redirect you to Deep Learning Studio software page
  • Click on Continue to subscribe
  • Login to AWS
  • In the example I have logged as root User
If you are not an existing user of AWS you can create a new account by clicking on Create a new AWS account
  • Accept the terms, by clicking on Accept Terms
  • After accepting terms, you will see the message "Thank you for subscribing to this product! We are processing your request."
    • It will take a few minutes to process the request
  • After processing gets completed, Click on Continue to Configuration to configure the DLS
  • It will take you to the configuration page of DLS
  • Here you will see three configurations settings of DLS
    • Delivery Method
    • Software Version
    • Region
  • Keep Delivery Method and Software Version default
  • You can choose Region accordingly, by clicking on drop-down of region
  • Click on Continue to Launch, it will take you to Launch page
  • Choose Action from where you want to launch software, click on drop-down and choose "Launch from website"
  • Select EC2 Instance Type (default p2.xlarge)
  • Choose VPC by clicking on VPC Settings drop-down button
If you don't have any VPC , click on Create a VPC in EC2 link to create VPC. After creating click on refresh icon to see VPC
  • Subnet Settings will automatically get configured when you configure VPC Settings
  • Click on Create New Based on Seller Settings
    • Enter the Security Group Name and provide Description
    • Select Anywhere in Source(IP or Group)
  • Click on Save
  • Click on refresh icon, and choose Security Group Settings that you have created
  • Now we need key-pair in EC2
    • Click on Create key pair in EC2
      • Enter Name
      • Choose "pem" File Format
      • Click on Create Key Pair
  • Click on refresh icon, and choose key pair that you have created
  • Click on Launch
  • Once you click on Launch DLS will start running in your EC2
  • Now go to EC2 Instance and get your IP address
Now you can start using DLS in your browser(Chrome recommended)
  • Enter http://<YOUR_IP>:22000 in the browser's URL bar, You will see the login page. Login to DLS and start modeling.
You have successfully launched DLS from AWS EC2.
Last modified 3yr ago