Launch Deep Learning Studio on Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s business cloud and DLS is a pre-configured offering on the Azure Marketplace. Get the DLS up and running in around 2 minutes.


  • You need an account on Azure if you don't have please Create one!.

Get Started

  • Go to our official website page.
  • Click on the link below "Running Deep Learning Studio on Microsoft Azure".
  • By clicking on the provided link, you will be redirected to the Microsoft Azure marketplace and you will see Dashboard with the Deep Learning Studio app.
  • Click on "GET IT NOW" and you will get a pop-up for login.(You will not receive this pop-up if you are already logged in)
  • Log in to Azure with your registered account.
  • After login, click on Continue .
  • Click on Create and submit your virtual details, subscription, size, etc.
  • Upon successful submission of your virtual machine details, you will receive a "validation passed" comment.
  • Review the settings and then click “Create” when you’re ready to proceed to the last step
  • Download private key
  • At this point, Azure will start deploying. The deployment process will take a few minutes to complete, with progress displayed on the “Deployment”.
  • Once the deployment process is complete, click on "Go to resources" and its associated resources will be displayed on the Azure Dashboard.
  • Copy the "Public IP address".
  • Paste it on new tab with DLS port number.
  • Log in to Deep Learning Studio, and you're ready to start.
You have successfully installed Deep Learning Studio on Microsoft Azure.