Windows Installation

Windows Desktop version of Deep Learning studio is a single user solution that run locally on your hardware. Desktop version allows to train models on your CPU(s) and GPU(s) .

Quick Installation Guide


  • OS - Windows 10 64-bit (all editions)
  • CPU – Intel/AMD 64 bit CPU
  • RAM – 8GB or more recommended
  • GPU – NVIDIA GPUs with compute capability > 3.5
* Internet connection with high speed is required to install Deep Learning Studio.
Get Started
1. Download Windows edition software from our official website :
Note: If there are problems with the download, please try using another browser
2. Click on the Windows version, it will start downloading.
3. Install Deep Learning Studio
  • Open the downloaded file from the file browser, double click on it and start to install.
  • Read and Accept the end-user “License Agreement”.
  • You can also create desktop shortcuts for quick search if you wish.
4. Software installation: At this point, the software will start installing. It may take several minutes (depends on internet speed) for the installation to download all necessary files.
Note:- Please allow access to python or other processes if prompted.
5. Installation complete: Click on the “Finish” button to complete the installation and launch Deep Learning Studio.

Start Deep Learning Studio

⧪ Once DLS is installed successfully, Type Deep Learning Studio Manager in Windows search and click open.
It will launch a command prompt.
To start DLS you need to run this command: ./dlsctl start
If you want to configure IP address and port numbers to be used by DLS, you can configure it by issuing a command ./dlsctl config -i <IP_ADDRESS> -p <PORT_NUMBER>
After successfully starting the deep learning studio software. It will show an URL to access Deep Learning Studio software.
Deep Learning Studio takes 1-2 min to start. You need to wait for a while till you get a message on the prompt that "DLS started successfully".
You have successfully installed the Deep Learning Studio 3.0.1 "Desktop" Windows version in your system.
7. Deep Learning Studio 3.0.1 - Interface : Once you have installed the DLS successfully, start the DLS and the dashboard interface is shown as below in your default browser.