This is a single-user solution for creating and deploying AI. The simple drag & drop interface helps you design deep learning models with ease. Pre-trained models as well as use built-in assistive features simplify and accelerate the model development process.
You can import model code and edit the model with the visual interface. The platform automatically saves each model version as you iterate and tune hyperparameters to improve performance. You can compare performance across versions to find your optimal design.
Deep Learning Studio can automagically design a deep learning model for your custom dataset thanks to our advance AutoML feature. You will have good performing model up and running in minutes. And yes AutoML is what you think, automatic Machine Learning, here applied specifically to Deep Learning, and it will create for you a whole pipeline to go from raw data into predictions.
Deep Learning Studio is the first robust deep learning platform available in Desktop, Amazon AMI, Google Machine Image, and Azure Machine Image versions. Desktop version is available for Windows and Ubuntu. It also supports multiple GPU's instance to make training faster.
Deep Learning Studio "Dashboard" gives you a visual overview of the projects, datasets, deployments that you have created and uploaded :
DLS Dashboard page

Next Steps

You can learn more about Deep Learning Studio features in the next step by building a sample.